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.com Domains pricing updates (2016)


As per the ICANN updates, the .com tld registration pricing has been increased by 1.00 USD and privacy protection pricing has been increased by 1.50 USD to all domains. The final registration/transfer/renewal pricing would be as follows Registration fee for .com: 10.80 USD / year Privacy Protection add-on: 2.50 USD / year For current customers, this pricing will be effective on renewal ...

Comodo Positive SSL price update (2016)


Starting from 20th Feb 2016, Comodo Positive SSL will be priced at 7.50 USD / year. This pricing will be affected for new orders. This pricing increase was due to Comodo's direct increase in pricing of the specific product.

Added 中文 Language


We added Chinese translation to our system, It can be changed from the header bar found at clients.quadcone.com.

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