.com Domains pricing updates (2016)

Published: 15/03/2016

As per the ICANN updates, the .com tld registration pricing has been increased by 1.00 USD and privacy protection pricing has been increased by 1.50 USD to all domains. The final registration/transfer/renewal pricing would be as follows Registration fee for .com: 10.80 USD / year Privacy ...

Comodo Positive SSL price update (2016)

Published: 20/02/2016

Starting from 20th Feb 2016, Comodo Positive SSL will be priced at 7.50 USD / year. This pricing will be affected for new orders. This pricing increase was due to Comodo's direct increase in pricing of the specific product.

Added 中文 Language

Published: 28/12/2015

We added Chinese translation to our system, It can be changed from the header bar found at

Direct routing to China Telecom

Published: 04/11/2015

Direct routing to China Telecom can be configured with Virtual Private servers Contact us via support/sales ticket if you require special routing policies on VPS IP addresses. Have a good day!

[Complete] QEMU Security Announcement Services will be rebooted

Published: 14/05/2015

An important security patch was applied on all of our Xen Hypervisors and it will require a reboot on your current service which will be applied shortly. Approximate downtime: 10 seconds Update: This has been completed.

[Fixed] cPanel update hanging issue

Published: 06/11/2014

We are currently working on cPanel update issue that pops up when you login to your cPanel accounts. Downtime: none Affected services: Shared hosting. Update: this was completed

[Complete] Strange cPanel update error after login

Published: 23/07/2014

Early morning this cPanel error appears to be hectic. You will notice an error on our shared servers "A fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive." This is caused due to cPanel update crashes and after a successful update we will be removing this check so further cPanel ...

[Complete] Clientarea Maintenance

Published: 20/05/2014

Dear all, You might have noticed a random 500 error going around our client area. This issue is planned for fixing today. Services affected: none Edit: this has been successfully completed

[Complete] Unplanned Client area downtime

Published: 26/04/2014

Hello all, The client area was down for approx. 30 minutes due to an unplanned maintenance. All processes are back to normal. No hosting accounts were affected. Thanks!

New domain gTLDs on March 4th

Published: 03/03/2014

We are pleased to announce the latest domain name TLDs to be purchased directly from us. The following will be available in the upcoming week .equipment .gallery .graphics .lighting .photography .directory .technology .today .bike .clothing .guru .plumbing .singles .camera .estate ...

[Complete] CloudLinux OS and Kernel upgrades on Shared servers

Published: 25/11/2013

Dear Quadconers, We will be performing some major updates on our Linux kernel to improve stability and give you an Isolates hosting infrastructure from other accounts on server to avoid the “bad neighbor effect”. We are installing Cloud Linux OS on all our shared servers. We will proceed ...

We redesigned our website

Published: 15/11/2013

Hello Quadconers! Check what's up here it's somethig new to see! Cheers!  

Introducing new domain TLDs

Published: 12/10/2013

Great news! We added some awesome domain extensions to be purchased. check them out at

Performance Maintenance [Complete]

Published: 28/09/2013

There is a schedule maintenance on our Quad4 and Quad5 shared servers, Accounts on these servers will face a 5 - 10 packet loss. Update: All servers are optimized. Please contact support if you feel your site has speed issues.

We got some new looks !

Published: 21/09/2013

Well we just got a new client area for you ! In the past hours we had a couple of developments on our client area and we successfully migrated to a new system. Let us know your feed back too ! drop us at Please note that if you are unable to access the client area, i ...

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